Sunday, October 5, 2008

hmm..........what is WRONG with this picture?

Here at the W Household we try to do our FHE on Sunday nights because Monday is Hubby's late night.

Tonight we decided to 'make' -by we I mean me and by make I mean frost and decorate- a house for Halloween. I have been wanting to for awhile and we saw a kit in Wal-Mart the other day so we thought it would be fun, and easier than trying to construct one myself.

I don't know if it was an operator error or what but I am sorely disappointed about how our house turned out.

We (meaning me) were not able to do nearly as detailed work as the box promised us. And apparently I need to have some lessons in how to frost. I think it looks pretty sad. Plus it didn't help that the candy ghost was broken before I had finished piping the windows (thanks L). Just for your amusement I have posted a picture of ours and a picture of what we were trying to achieve. yeah. have a good laugh.


The Arthurs said...

I actually think yours looks pretty good. I, however, am absolutely terrible at decorating candy houses, so my attempt would have been much worse!

michelle said...


Sego Family said...

What are you talking about? They look the same to me! You did a very good job!! I couldn't have done it . . . we attempted a ginger bread house one year (at least bought one) and after it still sat in the box and EXPIRED, I threw it out! :D

Amy R said...

Yeah, I'm actually impressed.

The Houstons said...

Your house looks great. I can't see anything wrong with it.

somedaycrafts said...

Yours looks a lot like the one in the picture!