Monday, September 14, 2009

Bread Box to Charging Station

Participating in Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch
I was browsing crafting blogs the other day and found this awesome breadbox makeover here at "Bloggin' It". I was so impressed and I have been wanting to have a charging station forever. I was so excited when the next time I was at DI and I spotted a bread box. I was so excited, I immediately remembered the blog post I had seen and just had to buy this nasty, dirty bread box. It was $3. When I brought it home my husband thought I was insane for buying something so grody, but I had big plans for it!First I cleaned it as well as I could. I actually had to get a scraper out it was so gross. I also used some Pledge on it, it made a big difference. Still was ugly, but at least it was clean! Next I disassembled it. Not hard. Just unscrewed the hinges and took the staple out of the plastic that held in the glass. I originally thought I would put some fabric or paper over the glass but as I was cleaning it I decided to try the scraper on it and it worked like magic. (I placed the glass on a green towel) This was hardly any effort at all. Hubby cut a small hole in the back and then it was time for paint! I primed it. Twice. I originally thought I would paint it black, but I have SO much black, I thought maybe I should pick up more of my accent color, maroon. So, I painted the inside black and the outside maroon. I did two coats of each. (this picture is after my first coat) I waited a few days and the reassembled it. I took the knob from my stash, it is from one of the dressers that I re-did. I just used the original hinges, though I think I will eventually replace the knob and the hinges. I put a power strip inside the box and then put our internet box and phone chargers in it as well. I am LOVING it. I am considering distressing the edges, but I am scared to! Maybe another day?
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The McCrays said...

Great makeover! I love it!

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

This looks brilliant - such a transformation. It is a scary thought distressing a piece I tend to antique mine with paint but one of these days I will distress something

Jenn said...

What a cool idea! Awesome job!

How-To Gal said...

What a FANTASTIC idea! I see those bread boxes all the time at thrift stores and never thought to use them for a charging station! Bravo.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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